Working in Head Office, with Caroline and Harriet

Working in Head Office, with Caroline and Harriet

Hi, both. So, please tell us a bit about your roles at Topps Tiles:

Caroline: I’ve worked at Topps Tiles for five and a half years now. I originally joined through a temping agency, but I was offered a full-time role after a couple of weeks – and I was over the moon! As Communications Co-ordinator my role is to make sure there are effective, engaging internal communications throughout the business.

Harriet: I joined Topps Tiles three years ago as Marketing Coordinator. When I first started I was involved with photography before moving into PR. Currently, my two main areas of focus are the in-store brochure and making sure we’re communicating with our customers through our social media channels.

What surprised you most about Topps Tiles?

Caroline: I thought it was all about DIY, getting dusty and dirty, but it’s clear when you walk in that it’s not like that at all – everyone who works here is very friendly and approachable. Throughout Topps Tiles, there’s a family feel and that spreads through the business from senior management to the shop floor. I really appreciate that the doors are always open to the senior leaders, they are visible around the business and they’re always happy to answer a query or a question that comes up.

Harriet: Before I worked here I knew Topps Tiles as a tile shop and not much beyond that – and I would say that’s true of a lot of people outside of the business. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and it’s very inspiring. We have a truly unique approach to buying tiles, which sees new products arrive weekly instead of seasonally, so it’s always very busy.

What makes you proud to work at Topps Tiles?

Caroline: There are so many reasons, I can’t put my finger on just one! But I would say that the lovely, feel-good, encouraging atmosphere makes for a fantastic working environment and in turn makes me really proud to work here.

Harriet: I’m proud of what we achieve as a business – we’re the number one tile retailer in the UK! And for me that means I’ve had exposure to a range of interesting projects and gained some great experience that has seen me learn about different elements of the business that I’m not sure I would have had access to elsewhere.

What do you love most about your job?

Caroline: I love everything! I enjoy working with stores as well as colleagues in head office. And I love that everybody really cares about the business – if there’s a problem, everybody mucks in to help out. It seems to me that everything we do is done to support our customers.

Harriet: There’s a real team atmosphere as we all work together on every project, it’s a really collaborative environment and our suggestions are always taken into consideration. I’m recognised for my hard work and expertise – what more could I ask for!?

Thanks for the insight Caroline and Harriet! Find out more about our head office roles

Head Office Working at Topps Tiles